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We help companies and organizations to spark conversations that grow their businesses and activities to stay on top of the latest trends in your industry and expanding your contacts to open doors to new opportunities for growth exchanging information, advice, and support on challenges, experiences, and goals that will allow you to gain new insights!

NETWORK & Connect

Being part of our ever-expanding network ensures ample new opportunities and exposure for your company. Our network is built on trust and the common spirit to achieve more by sharing and realizing synergies from collaborations and shared-value partnerships.


Have your own Virtual Booth and join any Exhibitions and Events of the Tech Forum Network.


Invite your business partners to your own Virtual Room and your own Webinars.


Arrange all of your meetings digital and allow your business partners to book their time in your calendar.


Environment Alliance’s Networking Directory compiles a database of over 6,500 companies that can be accessed by our Advocates and Partners to help them expand their connections and truly realize their growth potential.

NETWORKING virtual space

Our Advocates and Partners can organise a combination of meetings, exhibitions, online networking and matching making events, including promotion and post-event communication to connect with regional companies and members of other international alliances. Our members can easily create and conduct an event and have practical access to international networking using the Virtual Centre.


Environment Alliance’s advocates will have access to the managers of over 16 international alliances who can connect you to their network of major tech leaders, policy and decision makers, and academics worldwide.


Environment Alliance’s monthly Networking Meetings with our board members and technology leaders, inspire dialogue and discussions to find advanced solutions to the most challenging problems faced on the path to sustainable development. You can also apply to become a speaker or suggest a topic of discussion.

December 16, 2022 9:00 AM CET
Environment Alliance – Network Meeting 16 December 2022


Energy Alliance’s monthly Board Meetings brings together our board members to discuss and decide the future goals, objectives and activities of the alliance.

No Events are happening in near future. Please keep visiting.

Networking Groups


The EU Tech regularly organizes delegatio trips around the globe to have a closer approach to the culture, market particularities and uniqueness of each territory reality. We organize B2B, networking, match making, summits, events, seminars, exhibitions and more in collaboration with regional and national goverments and cooperations to practically provide support to your expantion and growth.

You can take a part in our upcoming delegation trip by registering below.

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